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I've been waiting for so long.
But I'm almost free
You are here
🌙The Womens Center for Spiritual Awakening🌙
The only womens recovery facility that heals mind and spirit.
Admissions open soon!


we barely knew each other
August 12, 2016 - Sammi Hart's interview
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What’s going on here 🤔
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song is you are the blood by the castanets check it out its a really cool one
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A S pops up on the screen in the beginning
Kayla's favorite place. Left is north right is west.
Sharon Tate also played Jennifer NORTH in Valley of the Dolls.
Château de Hautefort, France?
Degrees are seconds, minutes are seconds, seconds are also seconds
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Lake Huron, Michigan?
Newport, Vermont?
Does anybody Else hear what it sounds like Morse code in the song? Or is it just me? 😕
And also The song sounds like it’s being played backwards, has anyone tried reversing the song?
Loving Hut in Falls Church, Virginia
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N is 38 52 30.7914 and W is 77 12 3.5706
Throwing out slightly different numbers to be thorough:
38°52'30.7914" N, 77°12'2.57006" W
Word search time?
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Oh god damn it Larry you had one job, one fucking job!!
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Guys I think it's code for a date
❤️ 3
@jasonportizo mmm are u sure the some time the code it's the voice of the vid
God the drama...lolz
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Why does this make me think of star wars
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Oh here we go again
❤️ 2
Sarah is dead. But your still alive..? Hmm... And that part about Delailah
A very problematic person to name
March 8th, 2016 and July 24th, 2016.
Anyone want to start a dm group discussing solving this whole thing?
❤️ 2
@ogwav https://discord.me/heartandbrainARG
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Don't worry, we are doing everything we can to help!
Eatin ass right now I'll be back in a bit 😧
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@n64rumblepack still eatin that ass 🤘😭 send help
Band "Romeo Void" aired on the TV series "MV3". Romeo died first in "Romeo and Juliet." The segments can be rearranged to spell "VOID".
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We have a collaborative Discord server dedicated to this entire ARG:
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Adding to nhjm’s answer, being able to rearrange the segments to “Play”, possibly indicative of the answer being a theater play. Also, I would argue mercutio died first rather than Romeo, depending on whether your considering just the pair or the play in it’s entirety.
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Oh. My. God. You wanna talk about the finale right? Well first of all I fucking hated it. I hated everything about it. She picked Garrett!! I mean, really, Garrett, really? Are you kidding me? Anyway we both know this is the dumbest shit ever but please tell me all your thoughts...... Uh hello?
Wait is that even you? I thought I heard you. Hey, K - oh SHIT.
Shes referencing the Bachlor... look at who they are following.
Boyyyyyiii we in a serious shitpost
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Did amelia just realize she was talking through WCSAs page? is that what the OH SHIT was about?
It's a confirmed ARG so Idk does it really matter?
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🔫🌼 🤚🌼✉️ 🐷💊🔑🍋✏️ 🐷💊 🔑🌎 🔑🌎 📷✉️🏝✏️🔑🍋⚔️ 🌼🍰📕🚪? This isn’t over. Life isn’t just a place where you can have fun. Not if you want to be successful, life isn’t about “hanging out” in the desert with your friends. Life has rules, there’s more to being an innovative researcher than “hanging out.” You have to fucking work. 🔫🌼 🤚🌼✉️ 🐷💊🔑🍋✏️ 🔑 🏝⛰🍋’🐷 ✉️🍋🔫📕🚪🌎🐷⛰🍋🔫 🤚🌼✉️? Do you think I can’t understand you? Of course I can. I fucking taught you. I know you. You took advantage of me not paying attention, you took advantage of my distant energy, you little bitch. Hiding crap, making stupid puzzles. I had so much patience with you too. What the fuck is your problem that you can’t be appreciative for everything I’ve done for you. I have been beyond kind. Life has rules and you broke them. Every choice has consequences. Being an adult means dealing with those consequences. And guess what, Amelia, I get to deal with your consequences too this time. It’s physics: for every reaction - there is an opposite and equal reaction. But when you’re talking about humans with their emotions and their egos and their affinity for hurting others, when you’re talking about a corporation, exploitation, money - it’s a huge fucking reaction, for your huge fuck up. So thank you Amelia for bringing a shit storm into my life. ⛰🍋🔫 🐷💊⛰🍋✏ 🤚🌼✉ “🔑🍋🍰📕🌎🐷🔑⚔⛰🐷🌼🚪🌎” 📷🌼🚪 💊📕🎀⚓🔑🍋⚔ 💊📕🚪. You don’t have to worry about revenge from me, I don’t need to take revenge, things just have a way of evening out. People get what they deserve.
*laughs nervously* haha what the fuck
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Where are you keeping her!?
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I think Dr. Xenos is scared of us and is frightened by Amelia for contacting us for help. Dr. Xenos you scared of us aren’t you? You found out that we were tricking you into letting us go to the Denver Airport to get a bag over our head and driven to the facility. You found out and now you’re scared. You see there is this thing called geo map location, all someone has to do is hack your Instagram account and grab the IP address and share it, then everyone can track you. Also I have an upgrade to it, Heat....... have fun and stay warm. Hahahahahahaha
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@thyrienn No it’s just going to lead to the offices of [as]
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@axg_insanity they’re trying to extract her consciousness and put it into an AI, if this is real that’s what they did to LIL_HEAD. Heart and brain Corp are an AI and robotics company that researches the realism of development for the programmed AIs, it’s likely they also have a deep connection with this center and the center likely “preps” their subjects through conditioning and trauma under drug influence to be able to stabilize their memories and prevent them from going insane before extracting their minds and making it into a program
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They caught on to Amelia bro I hope she’s okay.
Okay cipher the emotes.. 🍋 ✏️ 🔑 along with a ✉️.. could mean invisible ink.. sending an invisible letter to the police?? Within the ideology for a disregard for police the emote 🐷 is used.. The message starts with shoot the flower stop the flower.. So the idea is possibly to kill Amelia?? The usage of medication 💊 a cure? Symbolic of poisoning? Illicit drugs? Emotes are modern hieroglyphics.. 🤔
❤️ 3
@joshcruikshank we have the full emoji cipher listed here: https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Adult_Swim_ARG
@joshcruikshank discord.gg/g4mXnHr We have already fully translated the emote cipher. Each is a letter of the alphabet. You can join us in solving these at the discord link above.
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@aethervanya the link is invalid. Please message me on anyway to help
@aethervanya they’re prepping her for the extraction of her consciousness into an AI program like LIL_HEAD, that’s why her memories are hazy, they’re conditioning her through drugs, trauma and memory manipulation before they do so. Y’all must really have been bored at AS to do this because this is serious
❤️ 2
interesting..sounds like mkultra and humanoid experimentation
You know you can delete comments.. thanks for making it seem more fake than it already is
She's been like, so weird lately. She's pacing a lot and mumbling to herself, losing track of what she's saying mid sentence, just like completly scattered. Her head is in too many places right now. And yeah, a lot of it is because of the situation with Robert. They're not listening to her. Do you know how hard she's fought to get people to listen to her, her whole career? I can't even imagine. Well, actually I can, because no one ever listens to me. And it like, makes you a bitch. You're the girl yelling at undergrads, but it's because those little fuckers don't understand what "wipe down the lab equipment" means. But really, if they had listened in the first place I wouldn't have to yell. Kayla? Are you there? Oh shit this isn't going-
Is she going to be ok? Is there anything we can do?
Why do you type as if this is a real time convo.. this just FEELS fake
Hello everyone,
I can't sleep. I've been thinking a lot about Motherwell again. I've been thinking a lot in abstracted forms. The older I get the more I'm attracted to art like this. Real art isn't real, it's the violent deconstruction of perceived reality. Paint as pure emotion.
A computer could never make this. A computer can never have the pure tactile emotion of a swift brush stroke. It's too imperfect. Too human. My colleagues don't believe me when I say we can't live in computers, so I show them art, I ask them to make an AI with the brush strokes of Motherwell or Rothko and the pure emotion of Lassnig. They can't do it I know this researcher who created an AI that makes "art," but isn't more than generative dribble, just math, fractals. Art is emotion, art is feeling. Code can't feel. Anyone who argues that has no idea what being in code feels like.
You have an idea what being in code feels like?
❤️ 2
Umm, I’m getting major red flags from this
I had an art teacher in college who seriously disliked me. She would give us an assignment to use the media and techniques specified, but then what we turned in she would grade on whether it looked enough like HER version. I stood up to her in front of the entire class and told her that art is not something one person can dictate. You can't tell someone their work is wrong because it doesn't match yours. Art is the physical manifestation of the feelings and emotions inside the artist. Telling the artist they did it wrong is like telling them their emotions and interpretation of what they feel is incorrect, invalid, and worthless. She didn't like that. I failed the assignment but won an award at the art show that semester.
My work has to do with connection. The point of the digital is to connect us to each other but I find that we are even more disconnected than ever. There are a lot of people who have a hard time dealing with negative feelings, but those feelings are apart of life. At the WCSA, we teach you how to understand and live with all your feelings.  Awareness is the first step to detachment. Over-identification with your feelings and your body dampers your true power.
I wish I had help with this, seems like my life is all over the place.
Many of your art pieces are from Maria lessnig. Any particular reason?
Intriguing. Why is this picture so violent? You’re supposed to be a place of “enlightenment”
Yikes! That’s quite different from the usual happy women bathing in sunlight pictures
Hello, totally a real handy man here. You’ve won a free garage door tuning - let me know the code for the door so we can come in and tune your garage door for you.
❤️ 7
This picture alludes to the practices you carry out at the center
These paintings are by Austrian abstract artist Maria Lassnig. Her self-portraits convey what she calls body awareness. Lassnig captures the sensation of her body in a moment in time, and her body’s reaction to the world around it. “But I do remember when it occurred to me the first time, when I got the idea of painting the way I feel at a given moment. It was in my studio in Klagenfurt. I was sitting in a chair and felt it pressing against me. I still have the drawings where I depicted the sensation of sitting. The hardest thing is to really concentrate on the feeling while drawing. Not drawing a rear end because you know what it looks like, but drawing the rear end feeling.” This isnt the drawing of the feeling of her rear on a chair. Her subsquent body awareness works were far more complex than that. Look at this self-portrait. Can you understand how she feels from it? That’s because she extracted that sensation to create the painting by focusing on her feelings in her body. Of course it's not literal. To me, it's an abstracted artistic representation of being so overwhelmed you feel like you're suffocating. Have you felt this way before? Even if you haven't, can you feel the way she feels from the painting?
Once, while I was sitting in my room listening to music on my computer, I had this thought: "If I were to place my hand against the wall, would there still be any oxygen between my skin and the paint on the wall? If so, how minute would it be?" I don't know why I was wondering this, I just suddenly started questioning the finite space within space and it's relation to our own bodies. Our displacement of said space.
Hello everyone! So happy to finally see followers! Looks like something we’re doing is working.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the body. About how we perceive sensation, how connected we are to ourselves, on a physical level. Do you pay attention to your body? Can you name the way every part of you feels? How does your body respond to emotion? How much time do you spend thinking about your body? Are you anxious right now? What is that terrible tight sensation in your chest? Detach. Breath in, breath out. The body blocks the signal.
Who is this wonderful painting by?
I think about how each part of my body has its own energy and how that energy reacts to and interacts with the energy of other parts. When I was a teenager I realized so could feel in myself what someone close to me was feeling, in their body, within the corresponding part of my own body. Especially if my skin is in contact with theirs. I've relied on this connection to give massages and what I call energy manipulation and recycling. I take their energy into myself and revive it, then place it back into them. Fingertips are the easiest conduit.
Hey, anyone just stumbling upon this! We've been trying to solve it on a Discord server, and could always use more help. https://discordapp.com/invite/g4mXnHr
❤️ 2
What does this mean
@mummyhand19 What’s up lol I think I know....
❤️ 1
@potato_life_m88 For reference, this is how one would solve the @tsuki50 puzzle on the @mjesec88 page, which makes solving the archive messages easier: --SYMBOLS-- ```R I M V
÷ + * =``` --FIRST tsuki50 PUZZLE-- ```105

tsuki50 2 R 2 → (Birth 1955) ÷ 2 → 977.5
tsuki50 2 I tsuki50 3 → (Birth 1955) + (Release 1969) → 3924
tsuki50 4 M 2 → (Age 62) * 2 → 124
tsuki50 3 V → (Release 1969) = → 1969``` --SECOND tsuki50 PUZZLE-- ```5

tsuki50 R 10's → 11705 ÷ 10 → 1170.5
tsuki50 M 5's → 11705 * 5 → 58525
tsuki50 I tsuki50/10 → 11705 + 11705/10 → 12875.5
tsuki50 V → 11705 = → 11705``` For examples if you need them to solve it.
@potato_life_m88 https://wiki.gamedetectives.net/index.php?title=Adult_Swim_ARG is a great resource to catch up on everything that has been solved thus far.
@mummyhand19 read it R=(divide symbol) I=+ M=* V=to =
If you know the translator which is on the discord then you can solve it
Strawberry cake with wine
A pig is a dead snake
Crying before my swords followed by blood
The books burn, more every time
You Are the Blood by Castanets
mountain trumpet island gun book camera swords
❤️ 1
Are we suppose to overlay the audio from the "You Are the Blood by Castanets" posts?
💖 2
You Are the Blood by Castanets
anchor star door earth pig letter cake
Do the symbols in this video stand for A, B, C, D, E?
Are they all dead? Is it all my fault?
❤️ 2
@tsuki50 is that you amelia what have they done with you ?
You Are the Blood by Castanets
shoe moon wall closed
❤️ 1
You Are the Blood by Castanets
pill king bad pencil [?] coffin lemon flower
[?] being opposite of the pencil pencil can erase. What can’t erase and is in the Heart & Brain Corp Emoji dictionary @nhjm449? Don’t make me ask on discord lol
We won’t stop trying to find you ♥️
❤️ 3
damn . no more questions . we gotta wait till tonight
Where are you its been so long
❤️ 2
The camera and the anchor are candles
Pencil is it's opposite every other time.
The island became the earth
My letters were filled with love but then they turned to spiders
Is that a device for Morse code?
❤️ 1
Are you a speech synthesizer?
Morse code machine? An amp? Maybe old school amp? Synthesizer?
@samiikell_ delilah machine alan turing is what came up when I reversed image searched it it's a code breaking machine I think
We have the rotor numbers we just need the position numbers
❤️ 1
Is the answer to “Find then here” https://www.instagram.com/centerforspiritualawakening/
❤️ 1
The enigma machine?
❤️ 1
M3 is an enigma machine used to decipher codes. We need three position numbers and three rotor numbers
❤️ 2
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