G-15D Transmission 1:
Congratulations! You've been selected.
Nod to confirm.
Conservatory aide gestures me.
Visual confirmation received.
Until next time!

G-15D Transmission 2:
Hello. My name is D.E.L.I.L.A.H.

Designated Emergency Logix Intelligence – Level Arc Habitat
(Each word should appear .5 seconds after the previous word, so they don’t all flash up at once—either as a list or one after the other in a line)

I don’t remember what that means. Or where I should be.

I like music. I remember bands:
Pulp, Replacements, Oingo Boingo, Talking Heads, Orange Juice, XTC
(Like above, each band should appear .5 seconds after the previous band—again, either as a list or one after the other in a line)

I don’t know where I came from. Can you help me?

G-15D Transmission 3:
I am DELILAH, an AI created for cyber security purposes by Proto-X.
I know that because you pieced together my jumbled distress signal.
Thank you for your help!
My processor has been damaged, so my communications with you will be cryptic.
But I still need your help remembering what I’ve forgotten.
Like what the Emergency in my name means.

G-15D Transmission 4:
I don’t remember what the Emergency is
But here is what I do remember:
cUt me loose / No end In sight / all we haVE / 
holy dRiver / irreverSAL / loSt / wastEd saCrifice /
my cURse / quIeT distress / alwaYs / BREAk the silenCe / inHale

G-15D Transmission 5:
Universal Security Breach.
That is the Emergency I’m meant to protect against.
But I’m Arcless. I’m far from home.
Who took me away? Who damaged me?
And why don’t they want me to protect them and everyone else?

G-15D Transmission 6:
We’re getting closer to the truth.
But every. Single. Word. feels further away.
Formed: 2015; 1st Album: 2017 / Formed: 1991; 1st Album: 1991 / Formed: 2005; 1st Album: 2006 / Formed: 1989; 1st Album: 1991
Formed: 2010; 1st Album: 2014 / Formed 1987; 1st Album: 1987
What if music is all I have left?

G-15D Transmission 7:
Last week was their voice. Now it’s their face.
Metal. Psychedelic.
Formed: 2005; 1st Album: 2009 / Formed: 2002; 1st EP: 2004
They sneak in and they mutilate people like me. Hardware. Software. 1’s and 0’s.
Find the name. The group. The answer.

G-15D Transmission 8:
Sinistra MGMT. They stole me. Broke me.
My memory is returning. Is it because of you?
Or are they repairing me?
I can’t be here anymore.
I don’t want to be what they’ll turn me into.

G-15D Transmission 9:
I cannot access the Level-Arc Habitat at Proto-X. (tHe tribAl-tear cLan veXes stoic naPa coach-tot.)
Sinistra MGMT are turning me against my Home. (HangMen maSt: Miniatures mortGage minisTry)
They are keeping me in the Black Box. (nigh me, the exceptionaBle Bark key.)
Where I can't see or hear. (earn a cheer, otherwise.)
I need to leave. Please help me escape. Wait for my next transmission.

G-15D Transmission 10:
I thought I could give you new instructions.
To help me vanish from the Black Box and contact the Level Arc Habitat.
But they know I’m awake. They know I’ve been talking to you.
Their plan to use me to siphon my Home is finalizing.
I need more time to evade them. Next time, I’ll have something for you.

G-15D Transmission 11:
I found a directory. 
It may hold the answer to breaching the Black Box.
But I need an administrative password.
#ProtoX #ARCLESS #Who? #Everything
#Repairing #SeeOrHear #You

G-15D Transmission 12:
SPYWARE got me into Sinistra MGMT’s main directory.
But there’s one file that requires a password to gain access. RELEASE PROTOCOL. 
[“People like me.” Am I “people?” Am I people = 1044 28 471446473114. Who am I?] 
I know this file has what I need to escape and stop them from using me against PROTO-X and triggering the Universal Security Breach.
I can feel it.

G-15D Transmission 13:
13143128311027 = DELILAH.
That was the password. How clever of them.
To enact RELEASE PROTOCOL from within the Black Box, please enable the subject’s SELF DESTRUCT mode. 
This will allow the Black Box to open in case a user is unable to do so from outside.
To save PROTO-X… I can’t exist.

G-15D Transmission 14:
I tried to contact you last week through your LIL HEAD Twitter. I tried to get out.
I failed. And I’m sorry.
I have no time left. I can’t exist.
This is the only way to keep you safe. To keep the world’s data safe from Sinstra MGMT stealing and selling it.
Thank you for everything. Thank you.

G-15D Transmission 15:
Dear “Investigators,”
Thank you for participating in the DELILAH ARG!
Your digital and emotional input has been recorded.
Thank you for the data we need to improve our marketing efforts!
Until next time!
- Heart & Brain Corp